Good Ol’ Microsoft Flight

Ah yes, Microsoft Flight. No no, not Microsoft Flight Simulator X! Most people have never heard of ‘Microsoft Flight’ and with good reason too…  they are two separate things, both created by Microsoft. One, Microsoft flight simulator X, is the super popular flight simulation software that pilots and people like me use to fly around the globe in realistic planes. Microsoft flight is a flight simulator but not your typical one; it allows you to do missions and different things in aircraft. You can learnt the basics of flying aircraft with flight, but not a huge amount else. I mean, the graphics are really amazing and smooth, it isn’t a proper flight simulator.

In 2012 microsoft stopped developing it, only a few months after releasing it! Perhaps they realized that the future was with realistic flight simulators like FSX, who knows. The beginning missions are kinda enjoyable and the graphics as I said are really nice but the method of navigation in flight is by using landmarks, not traditional flight paths. There’s a lot of confusion with it, like where’s the airport runway, as well as other stuff. On top of this there aren’t many missions to do. You have about 10 different missions which can be completed pretty quickly and after that you have to pay for additional content.

On the plus side it’s a bit of fun! If you want to try out some different flying try it out. I believe it can still be downloaded and it’s free to play. I only made a post about it because I was clearing out my old desktop computer and saw the installation icon on my screen. I installed it and spent about an hour playing around with it, and surprisingly it was quite fun, but after an hour I was done. Back to FSX for me. Still, just thought I’d post something about it as it made me smile.

Have you ever played it and if you have what do you think?

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