Helicopters in FSX

If you are a diehard plane nut like myself then you probably spend 99% of your FSX time inside the cockpit of a two winged aircraft like a regular airplane, right? Knew I was right. Anyway, every now and then I’m sure all of us think about having a go in something more interesting like a helicopter… am I right again? Boom 2/2. 😉 I know I certainly do. Sometimes I just get the urge to fly something else. That isn’t to say I’m bored of flying planes, oh heck no! I love my airplanes. Just you feel like something different.

Well, FSX features some helicopters. Before you tell me they are terrible, I will agree. The default helicopters included in FSX are pretty bad to be honest. They look fine but the handling is way off… not a very realistic helicopter flying experience. Perhaps this puts a lot of flight sim users off helicopters and the like as the first experience on FSX is not great. Hmm, food for thought.

All isn’t lost though as there are some great add-ons for FSX helicopters, one is called Eagle Bell 206 Jetranger III. It was originally created by a chap called Owen Hewitt for FS2004 and the team at Eagle Rotocraft Simulations converted it to work in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. You can find it at the following site: http://www.eaglerotorcraftsimulations.com/fsx_bell206b.php

That’s not the only additional helicopter though, you can find more by searching the web. I might do a review of some different helicopters if anybody is interested at all? Or do you all prefer just sticking to plane and graphic addons? Let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll get on it…

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