Which Flight Simulator Do You Use?

Which Flight Simulator Do You Use?

I was flying my 737 as I usually do across Europe down toward Istanbul when I had a thought for a blog post. I have been a long time user of FSX over the last few years and was thinking about other flight simulators… I have used a couple of them but it was a few years ago. I didn’t think a whole lot of them, so I always came back to using FSX as I was very familiar with it and I think it’s one of the best, if not the best, flight simulator you can get. Maybe I’m wrong though, it’s just my opinion!!

I thought I would reach out and see what flight simulators other people use. If you want to drop me a comment with some information about which flight sim software you use and why you use it, that would be awesome, especially if you have used FSX and can give me some reasons as to why you prefer yours over it.

I saw that X-Plane just came out with a new update, from X-Plane 10 to X-Plane 11. To be totally honest it looks really good and I am tempted to make a purchase of it, but wanted some feedback from the community… anybody else used it? I’m an avid user of PMDG addons for FSX and I know they have some stuff that works with X-Plane so I might take a look… this doesn’t mean I am converting though! Who knows? J

Out of all the flight sims I would say Microsoft Flight Sim X is probably the most popular but come on, its made by Microsoft so is there any surprise? They have a massive budget and to be fair to them they have been around for donkeys years developing flight sims. I would be interested to know what their market share of flight sims is; I wonder if its available?

Anywho this was just a quick one to gauge the mood and thoughts of you guys. I am always open minded to try new things.

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